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Top 5 Most Handsome Superheroes

Superheroes are characters that comes up in various blockbusters and tv shows, who are designated to bring peace and harmony to their respective nation/world. The movie industry has greatly spiced up movies in order to entertain the viewers. But in this article, you'll be seeing top 5 most handsome superheroes

#5. Ant-Man

Ant-Man is a marvel comics superhero and a bonafide member of the avengers. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) made appearance in the avenger movie Captain America; civil war and also in endgame. Scott Lang ranks as #5 most handsome superhero.

#4. Flash

The flash is a DC comics superhero who has the power to break the laws of physics. In accordance to his name, the flash has an incredible speed to reach anywhere in a small amount of time. Barry Allen (the flash) ranks as #4 most handsome superhero.

#3. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is a teen superhero who thrive to become what he is. Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is a bonafide member of the avenger. Spider-Man ranks as #3 most handsome superhero.

#2. Captain America

Capt America is more lik the leader of the avengers, being the first avenger member. Steve Rogers (Captain America) ranks as #2 most handsome superhero.

#1. Aquaman

Aquaman is no doubt one of the most handsome superhero. With his long hair, Arthur Curry (Aquaman)!ranks as #1 most handsome superhero.

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