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"AS E DE HOT": Laugh Out Your Sorrow With These 13 Funny Pictures And Jokes For Fun

Jokes make you happy and bright. It is important for your psychological wellbeing. Below are some funny pictures and jokes to cool off your day;

1. I used to think all white powdered substances are cowbell and are sweet to taste until I poured detergent in my last garri, gosh, hunger dealt with me that day.

2. I never knew food can punish us until I chop pepper soup made by a woman who was a pepper farmer. Wait oo, if I'm eating pepper, shouldn't I know? I ordered for pepper soup not soup of pepper.

3. That moment when you think they are about to share the grace but God shows him vision and he start prophesying, father Lord, let hunger Kukuma kill me.

4. Wait o, who taught maths teachers how to flog? Is flogging a topic in mathematics also?

5. That moment when you want to start your acting career in the village, camera man will be like...

6. Never underestimate the intelligence of a drunkard. He will even look into the matter spiritually to see if a spirit is crossing the road.

7. The love of money is the root of all evil... Brother stop preaching but go and hustle because poverty is the tree itself.

8. Two plus three equal five. Three plus two equal five but why... Mathematics ehn, God help those studying that thing in the university.

9. Razor although very sharp but can't cut tree and cutlass very strong but can't cut hair. You are the best in your own life.

10. The goat that go for hunting with the lion should know that whether they see a game or not, the lion food is already there.

11. If you count my money in my face, forget it. Your own don end be that.

12. During exam if question 3 says study the table below, LOLZ.

13. Akpos: what is the opposite of possible?

Tinke: Impossible.

Akpos: What is the opposite of "opposite?"

Tinke: "Imopposite"

Don't laugh alone, please share for others to see. Don't forget to also follow me for more jokes.

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