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3 Traditional Taboos Which The Regent Of Ibulesoro Kingdom, Moyinoluwa is Not Expected To Violate

The Ibulesoro Kingdom is one of the beautiful kingdoms found in Ifedore Local Government area of Ondo State. This kingdom is under the leadership of a female regent, Moyinoluwa Olubunmi Fawolo. She ascended the throne in April 2019 after her father, Oba Joseph Fowole died. Moyinoluwa was made the regent to allow the kingmakers to find the rightful heir to the throne.

According to sources, Moyinoluwa is the first female regent that ever ascended the throne in Ibulesoro. Interestingly, her father had already told her before his demise that she would one day rule Ibulesoro. So, when she was selected as the regent, she was not really surprised. She was only nervous about how to go about running the affairs of her kingdom.

In Ibulesoro Kingdom, it is not a taboo for a woman to become a regent. It is a well practiced tradition in the land. However, any woman selected as the regent of Ibulesoro Kingdom must not violate some traditional taboos when she is on the throne. Below are the 3 taboos a female regent of Ibulesoro is not expected to violate.

1. Love making.

A female regent is not allowed to make love to her boyfriend or husband while she is on the throne as the regent of Ibulesoro. The regent must also make sure that she does get pregnant or bear a child during the period of her regency in the kingdom. After the regency period, the female regent can do whatever she likes with her love life. She can have children and make love all she wants.

2. Exposing her head.

A female regent of Ibulesoro is not expected to leave her head uncovered. She is not also expected to carry loads on her head. This is not acceptable in Ibulesoro Kingdom.

3. Kneeling.

No matter how old an elder is, the regent of Ibulesoro is not expected to kneel before anybody. This is also common for all other traditional rulers. It is forbidden for a ruler to kneel before anybody. This is also true for the regent of Ibulesoro.

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