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Man was laughing while reciting the marriage vows, then this happened (video)

It was really a funny moment when a man was taking his wife to the altar.

As the customer is ,that we do make our vows before the congregation and in front of the Almighty. This man has done what is really funny while he was reciting his marriage vow to his lady.

In the video,the pastor was saying the vow and the man was repeating it after him. When the pastor got to the aspect of forsaking all other girls for his wife, the man burst into laughter.

The pastor coordinating the wedding was very annoyed. He said he should talk if he has other ladies so that he can cancel the wedding. The man didn't say anything but it was noticed in the voice of the pastor that he was angry.

Well, we don't know what's in the mind of the groom. But laughing while the vow is going on shows his unseriousness and maybe it was the lady who took him to the altar.

Watch the video here.

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