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Taaoma And Mr Macaroni, Whose Comedy Is The Best?

The struggle and competition to join the entertainment industry under the comedy category is so high these days. Any corner you look on Instagram, you would find one or two funny videos or skits. Blogs are getting paid to post these videos to gain traction for the comedians. For example, Tunde Ednut. Skits makes up 60% of what Tunde posts on his page. Because he has so many followers, if he posts a skit, the comedian is going to gain a lot of followers on his page which can equate into money. There are already a few people killing it in this comedy business. They have made millions from advertising people's products in their comedy, two of those people is Debo Macaroni and Apaokagi Maryam (Taaoma).

Debo Macaroni has been doing comedy for years but only gained traction last year during the lockdown. His style of comedy is so funny and lively. He doesn't even force the laughter. He has this line he always says, "Freaky Freaky, Come let me freaky your account". People love him for that line alone.

Mr Macaroni earned a lot of coins from his comedy last year. From appearing on TV for advertisements to advertising people's goods on his page through his comedy. He now sits at the top most list of best comedians in Nigeria, and he truly deserves it because he works so much on his art.

Taaoma is a University graduate who has completed her service to her country as a Nigerian Youth Service Corps member. She gained a lot of fans and followers, including celebrities, last year during the lockdown. You can call 2020 "Tao's year".

Taaoma's comedy portrays the role of a typical African mom. Her kind requires so much hardwork because she acts all the scenes herself. She is the mother and she is the daughter at the same time. Sometimes in a class setting, her face is the face of all the students and you can tell it is so much skill and hardwork involved. Taaoma also earned a lot of money from her comedy last year. She promoted products like Fearless, SuperCommando, and products for small brands on Instagram.

Now the argument is set. Whose comedy do you think is best? Is it Mr Macaroni, or is it Taaoma? I want you to tell me and give reasons also.

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