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Nigerian Lady Deported From Oman Stranded At Lagos Airport As She Loses Her Memory, Check The Detail

The 31-year-old is said to have been to the Nigerian airport after being repatriated from Oman.

A report on her condition at the airport revealed that the girl had traveled to Oman in search of her own, but the opposite happened after she was deported from the country.

Many Nigerians are in a hurry to leave the country at all costs, But aside from the dangers of working as slaves in some of these countries, some Nigerians have gone to work in some of these countries. They finally regret it. Decision and here is the victim of some circumstance.

Here are some pictures of what people are saying about the woman:

Funmilayo Victoria Fehintola who identified herself it, she said she passed out on her return to Nigeria and could not remember anything or attempt to contact any of her relatives.

Nobody knows what happened to her when she was in Oman, But he probably needs medical help and then maybe she can share his experiences.

What do you think of people who travel from Nigerian to Oman and other countries to be enslaved?

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