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Some Of The Best Female Assassin Movies You Probably Haven't Watched

1. Salt

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CIA operative Evelyn Salt is forced to go on a run after being accused of being a foreign spy that will assassinate Russia's president. Although it initially looks like she's been framed, we learned that she may not be as innocent as we were led to believe.

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The action-packed thriller has awesome fight scenes, gunfights, and escapes. Whenever Salt sets her eyes on a target, they are usually not long for this world.

2. Columbiana

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A woman named Cataleya was forced to grow up without her parents because a cartel enforcer took their lives. Unable to let the ones responsible for her parents' death to walk free, she becomes an assassin that leaves cattleya flowers on her victims. Although the genre cliches contained within Columbiana's plot hold the movie back, the performances rise above the material. Zoe Saldana does an excellent job at conveying Cataleya's danger and vulnerability. She's also supported by great supporting actors like Lennie James and Cliff Curtis as well as a handful of solid action scenes.

3. Atomic Blonde

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The names of countless spies hidden in Berlin could be exposed unless Lorraine Broughton finds a document known as the list before it falls into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of enemies standing in between her and her mission. But those who tried to stopped her soon realize she is not just an agent, she is also a woman entrusted to assassinate enemies when necessary.

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Charlize Theron's character Lorraine amazes us every time she takes down foes in extraordinarily creative and expertly choreographed action scenes. The fights constantly left viewers breathless due to their length and realism.

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