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Side effects of a record label

Many artists think a good record label and endorsement is just a sure way to fame. But there is a lot to that.

Am here to discuss the advantages as well as disadvantages of a record label.

Advantages -

Money: at this point in time you start getting paid, performing on shows, and almost everything that gives you income starts coming your way. Materially you're gonna get almost everything.


Queuing: this is a very bad factor in a large record label that always takes an artist backward. In a record label you find out you're not the only one struggling to make it, so, just as you are trying to make a career in music so is everyone in the label trying to.

Rules:when you get signed, for sure there rules governing the label you have to obey them. (Think of when you were making music alone!) You decide almost everything for yourself. But at this time you have to surrender some of your decisions to someone else. Things like when to drop a song, when to go for shows, shows you should go, shows you shouldn't go and so on.

So are you an upcoming artist, wishing for an endorsement? Am not saying this to discourage you. But try and remember a good art sells itself.

Let's here your opinion..

Follow up for more articles and news.

Thanks for reading.

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