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Dating a financially stable woman is a blessing -Social media user

A social media influencer Adahor has taken to his Twitter page and tell other men the kind of woman that can be trusted when it comes to true love.

It has been a serious problem for some people to know the kind of woman that can give a man true love.

It is a situation that has kept many men devastated to the extent many have come to conclude that there is no true love in this world.

A man known as Adahor has spoken on this matter and revealed the kind of a woman that has all it takes to give a man true love.

His posts seem to expose that many men are living or dating women who pretend as if they love the man while their fake love is motivated by hunger.

From the post, one can see that true love exists but it is scarce particularly in a society where the majority is living below average.

True love is a blessing if you have someone who has it. It prolongs life expectancy, brings honour to those who have it.

The post also seems to reveal that it is difficult to get true love from broke and hungry. women. And if you fall into the sweet talks of such women you will live in her manipulations caused by hunger and poverty.

Writing on his Twitter page, Adahor, @adahorinc, said "Dating a financially stable woman is a blessing when she says I love you, you know it comes from her heart not because of hunger".

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