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"When You Are A Witch And You Forget To Transform Back" ; 37 Funny Hilarious Pictures And Jokes.

If you haven't laughed today, now I congratulate you, cause you're about to enter into a moment of laughter. Get ready 'cause I will be taking you through some series of funny hilarious pictures and jokes that would makes you laugh out. Soo let get into another episode of Laughter.

Note this; " All works without play makes Jack a doll boy"

Now let go.

1.2.3. lol, this is not poverty, this is madness4.True talk,they will wear native and sandal to school on Monday morning5. Ah! fantabulous, this one is different from the rubbish I've been eating since I was born o6. Lol, that idiot7. I'm not hungry at all, I'm satisfied since yesterday8.9. lol, no more washing cloth... they will now be doing like an imbecile.10.

11.Nepa: is like this street had paid for three years in advance... Continue to enjoy your self121314. True talk, they will be starring at you as if you're the one that impregnate their mother15. Yoruba guys will says " Mo japa"16. I'm also begging17. yes o, I haven't. you?18. I didn't mean it sir.19. Tell me you're joking20. Lol, confusing21. Lol, next person.. I'm not going far, I will trek it..27.28.29. Thinking of it day and night, imagining the AC.

30.31. painful moment36. small world

37. True talk,

Student: we are in a free period sir

Hope you enjoy yourself with these funny hilarious pictures and jokes, make sure you share with your friends, also which number is the most funniest to you?

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Jack Soo


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