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Make these 10 declarations to your life before going out this morning

Only you you can make declarations to your life, no one will do that for you. If you're reading this article, then you're reading the right one this morning. 

Nobody will fight for you, you're the one that will fight for yourself. 

The power of the tongue is so powerful, use it to say these declarations.

Now make these above declarations to your life:

1. I'm for signs and wonders. Nothing will stop me in Jesus' name.

2. I'm a glorious child, nothing will stop my glory from shining.

3. I'll live to fulfill my purpose in life.

4. No hands of the enemies shall be lay on me in Jesus' name.

5. My success is assured in Jesus' name.

6. I'll never suffer in Jesus' name.

7. I'll move from glory to glory this month.

8. I'll never die an untimely death in Jesus' name.

9. Let me obtain favor and mercy from people.

10.I'll never be broke in my life. Amen

As you're making these declarations, have faith, and pray alongside, the lord is faithful to answer our prayer. 

After making these declarations, your life will change for better in Jesus' name. Amen.

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