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After Reading this Bible Verse, You may stop Watching Football (Bible study)

Can a Christian watch football? A brother asked during a Bible study in the fellowship.

Unlike the conventional Bible study in most churches, this campus fellowship has taken Bible study to another level where real life situations are treated.

Brother John, the Bible study coordinator is known for raising controversial questions like the one above. There had been a time when the whole fellowship turned to a battlefield due to the heated argument.

On this occasion, we all believed a World War III was imminent with a question like this.

How on earth can you bring religion to sport was one thought going round in people's minds. Football is like a food to a 'normal' guy.

A guy who couldn't contain his frustration let out a loud sarcasm, "Abeg forget story" which translates that the question is irrelevant.

His voice suddenly douse the agitated audience and there was an outburst of laughter among them.

After much back and forth debate, Brother John, finally came to the rescue.

You all have spoken well. However, non of you have backed your argument with the Bible. Remember this is a Bible study and not just a mere debate right?

There was calmness and stillness in the building, everyone eager to know the Bible verse Bro John was going to use to back his claims.

Bro John said, open your Bible to the book of Mathew 22:37-39, and it's reads: Jesus said to him, love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and the great commandment. The second like it is that you love your neighbors as yourself.

Bro John continued: I know many of you will be thinking how does this correlate but I'll explain it to you.

When you're supporting a football club, they occupy your heart. This is why you find many fans finding it difficult to abandon their clubs despite their bad runs like the Arsenals.

The implication of this is that one of the major places God wants to occupy in your heart is already occupied by your club.

However, this doesn't means that watching football is wrong, it only gets wrong when it takes hold of your life than when God will take over you.

So while you watch football, ensure you that you don't place it above God in your life.

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