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We were asked to drop our phones, bags and enter the police cell because we stayed out late- Wathoni

Reality star Wathoni narrates what happened to her last night after she violated the rules of the state with regards to the stipulated curfew. The reality star said that they were taken to Adele police station and were asked to drop their bags, shoes and cellphones and head straight to the cell which she obeyed but refused the going to cell.

She added more that they were kept there from 12am until 6am but the intervention of her dad by 4am helped her leave there and since then, she's not really gotten herself on how they were all taken without anyone, giving them a clue of where they're going to. 

Due to that, she's moved to ask the penalty if one violates the curfew.

Recently, insecurity has been a major issue in the country and Lagos state isn't an exception, same as other states. This gave rise for a curfew within the state and no matter whom you are, once you're caught violating the rule, you're meant to face the penalty.

Although Wathoni seems that she's not aware of the curfew but like she asked, is 30 minutes too late already should there be a curfew in a place like Lagos state?

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Adele Lagos Wathoni


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