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Foluke Daramola’s Husband Calls out the Journalist Who Made His Wife Lose Her Pregnancy

Foluke Daramola’s husband, Olukayode Salako has called out the journalist who alleged that his marriage to Foluke Daraomola has hit the rocks. The politician took to Facebook to express his disappointment in the journalist. He emphasized that the fake news about their marital crisis made his beautiful wife lose her pregnancy.

Read what he wrote below:

“Breaking! This guy just confirmed to me that he was the one who wrote the story, but only used Femi Adepoju's platform. His name is Olutade Oluwatosin Simeon. He is a journalist that I personally know. I have known him for many years. Hear him:"Mr. Salako you are a fool. You are a big fool! I wrote the story, not Femi Adepoju. Go and do your findings very well, you will know I am the one who did it. I only used Femi Adepoju's platform..."Why did he do it?! What does he want to achieve by making Foluke Daramola Salako lose another pregnancy this morning again?! My wife just informed me this morning that she has lost the pregnancy again! She has been psychologically devastated since the news broke out yesterday morning. She cried all through the night and she lost the pregnancy she had been growing for more than 8 weeks this morning. Some of these 'irresponsible’ media people have been attacking our marriage since the 7 years we have been living together. Do they want to kill this poor girl?! Or is she the first woman that would marry in the circumstance she married me?!

He continued,

“There a lot of big men we are celebrating in Nigeria today that also left their first wives for their own reasons to marry other women and today, they are doing well together. Why Foluke! Foluke!! All the time by these media boys?! My last on this issue on social media.

" I want to assure Nigerians again that, if there is ever going to be any reason to break up with Foluke Daramola Salako at all, which I doubt very much, it would never, ever be a subject of public issue, let alone be one that would ever be celebrated on the pages of newspaper again for public outcry; criticisms or social deliberations. Our marriage has had enough of that in the past 6 years already. We are tired of it!

“But right now, I want to unequivocally assure all Nigerians of good will, who have been emotionally attached to our marriage, one way or another, that as at now, my marriage to my wife is still very, very much intact. It has not broken up and It is not planning to break up. Whatever anybody is writing out there to suggest it is breaking up, is pure lies; fake news and irresponsible journalism!"

He also stated that no medium has the right to announce his marriage breakup if it happens. Read what he wrote below:

“Nobody can ever be authorized to announce the breakup of my marriage. If that is ever going to happen, Nigerians will hear it from us.

“If anything of that would ever happen, and it has to be a subject of public issue, then I would be the one to announce it by myself on any of my dedicated social media platforms, but never through any irresponsible, unauthorized or fake news medium (s).

“Henceforth, however, anything you come across about my marriage through any platform that is not mine or that of Foluke, is fake news and may not be the true situation or information about it." (sic)

 Read what the journalist had to say about this via his Facebook page below......

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