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6 Secrets Women Keep From Men

Some believe that divulging every detail equals a healthier union. Is this true?

Women are the most transparent ones and most times they have nothing to hide, which is why women are known not to be able to keep any secrets. But the fact is the most garrulous of all still keep some secret let's take a look at the top five secrets average women keep.

5. Beauty Salon Service

Most women aren't honest when it comes to disclosing the number of treatments and services they take from beauty salons to maintain their look.

Because in real life the lesser people know about these the more they admire your beauty. 

4. Her Crush

Women will never tell you they have someone else they are crushing on - even if innocent. They believe keeping this fact will make you love them more with the believe that you mean everything to them but deep down they are crushing on someone else.

As a guy will you be happy to know that your girl is crushing on one of your friends?

3. How They Spend Their Money

Women don't like to discuss how they spend their money but want to know how the guys money is faring. I think it due to the culture that men are providers.

Truthfully, guys don't actually love seeing the lady spending for the family because they know it is their responsibility. Men get prestige from making money while women get prestige from spending money.

2. What They Feel About Your Family

You think your lady loves all your family members because she says that? Then you are deceiving yourself because you don't love all her family members too. Women know telling their spouse about their personal dislike of a particular family member can create a hole in the marriage. So they stay off that zone

2. They want their men to take charge

Seldom uttered, one of the best-kept wife secrets pertains to their desire of seeing their men take the initiative in making plans, scheduling holidays, or buying home stuff without being reminded thrice. They want you to be in charge. Being in charge doesn't mean beating them o.

1. She’ll Never Talk About Her Jealousy

Chai! Women are jealous! But they will never admit that what they feel is jealousy if when they know it. It is like their secret code. They see you calling another woman while you are with them, they get jealous. I believe it part of their Insecurity.

The funniest thing about women jealousy is that, jealousy is the only secret that anyone can figure out even when a woman is denying it.

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