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Literature Poetry

As a Content Writer, I have more Followers on my Opera Account than my Twitter Account.

Being a Content Writer on Opera News Hub by creating, writing and posting articles does not only serve as a Money-making platform, it also provides an avenue for Writers to hone their Writing Skills, thereby making them a better and Improved Writers.

Not only does writers/Content creators become more Proficient and Creative in their writing skills; they also get to be Influential over time as they continue to write and post Great, Original and Quality articles.

I started writing and posting articles on Opera News Hub amid last Month. Not only have I get paid for the articles I wrote and posted in the Month of June, I've also watched as the number of people that follow my Opera Account continues to rise as day passes by.

It has not being more than a Month that I joined Opera as a Content Writer, I've amassed a total number of 216 followers as against my social media account(Twitter) that I've opened and started using since 2017 and still, I haven't be able to get more than 70 Followers.

Writing a good article makes your article to get higher reaches; and articles that get higher reaches tend to get more clicks. Clicks earn you more follower and thereby increasing your influence in the Long Run.

Let me know your thoughts by dropping your comments. Don't forget to like, share and follow for more updates.

Content created and supplied by: AminullahiMuritala (via Opera News )

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