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The England Royal Family and other Celebrities whose family fued played out in Public.

With all the perks that come with being a celebrity, there is no doubt it is bound to cause some sort of friction with people who are near and dear to you, which could also be tag your not-so-famous family. we can't escape having all sort of drama where there is money power and influence.

For some family, the line between always fighting and just plain not friend is in the fighting itself that is played out in the public eye. However, some family resolve or not resolve the aftermath of this issue.

Below are some surprising celebrity family feud that played out in the public.

Kourtney & Kim Kardashian: At the time when the Kardashian reality show was still on, Kourtney stopped showing up to family event and later announce that she was pulling back from the show " Keeping up with the Kardashian". This spark a s**t storm between Kourtney and Kim, the kind in which even the most devoted watcher of the show hasn't seen before.

However, Kim accuse Kourtney of being the least interesting to look at while Kourtney also called the whole family disgusting. Back in 2020 also, both sister were seen physically attacking each other.

Also in May 2021, they had another issue with each other which was about Kourtney Nanny, it took the intervention of their other sister Khloe to settle the issue.

Jay-Z & Solange Knowles: Back in 2014 after the Met Gala event, security footage show Beyonce sister, Solange Physically attacking JAY-Z in an elevator after they had a heated argument. 

They later release a public statement claiming to have apologize and move on, however, fans believe that JAY-Z infidelity back then was what push Solange over the edge that night.

Prince William & Prince Harry: Tension between the two brother began when Harry started his courtship with Megan Markle, according to theory, Prince William had advice Prince Harry to slow down things with Megan and this started their fight between the two brother.

Harry felt the Cambridge were failing to welcome Megan to the family and this deepen the issue. Although there were other theory, whatever the case may be, all we know for sure is that the two brother don't have the close relationship they once had.

The Jackson Family: All hell broke lose in the Jackson family when the Late king of pop turn out to have exclude his sibling and include only his kids and mother Katherine. Back in 2012, Micheal Jackson sibling wrote a joint letter accusing the executor of their late brother estate that they fabricated either the document, the circumstance of his death, or mother willingness to go along with the plan.

The following week Kathrine mysteriously disappear for eight days which allow them to request an emergency custody hearing that grant Michael Jackson nephew, Tj Jackson temporary custody of Micheal children, but Katherine publicly rebuke it days later.

Few days before the hearing took place, an incident occurr in which Michael Jackson sibling showe up at Katherine house to take Michael children to an unknown location. 

The cell phone footage that was release during that period suggest that Janet may have slap one of Micheal Jackson kids named Paris and called her a spoilt b***h and Trent Jackson also got into a physical altercation with the intruder before police arrive on the scene.

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