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Wealthy Dwarfs In The World

A dwarf in simple terms means a person of unusually small stature. Especially a person whose height does not exceed 4' 10" and is typically less than 4' 5" 

 Below is List of wealthy and famous dwarfs in the world.

Shatta Bundle: Although not much is known about his biography, he is a born dwarf in the northern part of Ghana. He is 4 ft 4 (1.34m) tall. He came to limelight after claiming to be richer than Aliko Dangote; the richest man in Africa. Shatta bundles claim his net worth is over $9.7 billion. 

Peter Hayden Dinklage: He was born June 11th 1969 and he is a very popular American actor and movie producer. He is popular for the role he played in the Television series titled, "Game of Thrones". Dinklage is a dwarf and he is 4 ft 5 (1.35m) tall and his net worth is estimated at about $10 million.

Warwick Davis: Warwick Davis was born February 3rd, 1970 and he is an America actor, screenwriter, business person, voice actor and film producer. Warwick Davis is 3 ft 6 (1.067m) tall and his net worth is estimated about $10 million 

Tony Cox: He is an American actor and he is currently 61 years old. Tony Cox is a dwarf and he is 3 ft tall and his net worth is estimated at about $5 million

Martin Klebba: He is an American actor and stuntman. He is 4 ft 1 tall. Martin Klebba's net worth is over $7 million.

Kenny Baker: He is an English actor and musician. His net worth is about $2 Million.

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