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I Was Fatherless, And My Mother Couldn't Help But Opera News Came To Rescue My Career - CrownShines

As opera news writer, the journey started roughly years ago but now could boost of positive change in my life and sharing this testimony means a lot to me and also a motivation for young people.

It's all started back in the year 2015, when my parent was travelling to Ibadan for family visitation but didn't know that is my father last journey on earth.

They travelled from Ondo state to Ibadan, on getting to Osun state around the Ilesha, they had an accident which claim life of four people at a spot, which my father was included. Everything has changed since that day. We received support from different angles but got to a stage the support stopped coming.

I became Fatherless, and my mother was a market trader, things started to go down on daily basis as we could not cope to most things my father has been handling.

New chapter of my life started, My elder brother in Obafemi Awolowo University studying Petroleum engineering, begins to have doubt over his future and I also studying Biochemistry in University of Port Harcourt is having the same feeling, because our mother is trying her best.

But after some time, it's very uneasy to cope with the affairs around and outside the school, until December 22, 2019, a friend just came by and informed me of the writer hub of opera news and was not convinced enough by his approach.

Before he introduces to me, have been on the verge of learning a computer programming (coding), which required about N70k. He told me to join opera news hub that I will make the money there, he shows me the payment for the November then which he was given ₦8k, I was discouraged but had to wait for the December payment to see maybe he will get above ₦8k, to my surprise he was paid ₦20k.

Immediately I was convinced, I informed my elder brother who has now become a guru in opera news writer hub with the name (Sportinyoruba). But when we started, it was a pure amateur level then, now everything has changed that we don't need to stress our mom again for most things again as we can rely on opera news hub to have anything we need.

We haven't known up till now, that we could make it with opera news hub, because we were discourage at first when opera first paid me 1500 and my brother 800 then, but now it's another story as now as I don't really make much but at least can have 30k on monthly basis.

My brother will be graduating this year as he determines to make it a worth for living. I was happy and relived of bad thinking that my career will be in jeopardy.

I urge young people out there to start making opera mini a means of living, if put more effort you achieve your goal, no matter the challenges you might be facing.

I will use this medium to thank opera news hub for the priviledge given to Nigerians to make a good living, may God always enlarge your coast.

Content created and supplied by: Crownshines (via Opera News )

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