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See 34 funny photos and memes that will make you laugh.

Over time,laughter has proved to be one of the best therapies for people with emotional problems as it helps them clear their minds Happinesss is a priceless virtue which one must always have.It should not be compromised for any reason.I was at the ATM stand few days ago,totally disturbed as I was supposed to buy some things in the market and I did not have enough money with me.While calculating in my head,I came across a funny post on my news feed,immediately i burst out laughing,that drew attention to me,I had to comport myself as i realized that I was in public and I was not supposed to laugh that loud.

Yes,that funny post relieved me of the emotional stress which I was passing through at that moment and helped me to figure out how to manage the money.Watch more funny pictures,videos and interesting things,this will help you feel better.

Below are some funny pictures to make you laugh and feel better:

1.One of the finest but funny wedding poses i have come across.2.When your dog poses for pictures better than you do.

3.How some girls pose for pictures at the beach.4.That pose when you are trying to say bye to someone dear to you while the door to the garage is closing.


20.21.This is what a pedicure salon feels like.Its usually a place to get fresh news and gossip.

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