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5 possible reasons why men are now dominating in the hairstylist job.

1. The hairstylist job is unlike every other job it is now like a chalenge, every hairstylist wants to be the best therefore it is now a hunt and The Hunt for More Challenging Roles. 

2. Women are nolonger professional in their job, and they don't take work serious like men do. For example, a female hairstylist will get your hair done but that is after they finish gossiping and watching TV shows, therefore they waist the precious time of the customer. Male hairstylist don't do such things. 

3. The success rate of the hairstylist job. Many years ago people thought that that hairstylist job has no profit therefore only women where interested but now that people have come to realize beauty matters alot, they started investing more on their beauty. For example. Ten years ago no one will pay more than ten thousand naira for only one hairstyle but nowadays people will pay more than that amount, and that is why men are now dominating in the hairstylist job. 

4. Opposite attract. This is a very interesting point, opposite attract means people prefer when they are working for someone who is the opposite gender, Example women prefer male hairstylist more than female hairstylist and men prefer female hairstylist than male, it is vise versa, that is why men are now dominating in the beauty world more than women.  

5. A my last point is "Gender Role Shift", before now male hardly do female work because they believe that all they need to do for the family is to provide money and that is all they do, while women are the homemaker, mother, wife etc. But nowadays women can do the providing of money for the family while the man takes care of the other family stuff, that is why men are currently doing all sort of jobs and they become successful in the job because men don't play or gossip with their job. 

These are picture of some male hairstylist from everywhere in the world. 

I hope I was able to tell you the reasons why men are now dominating in the beauty world today. I have been thinking about the rate of male hairstylist in Nigeria it is getting high than female hairstylist that is why I did a research and gathered some major point for this article. Leave a comment below, like and share with your friends. Thank you for reading.. Don't forget to spread the news. 

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