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See The Nollywood Actress That Has Never Kissed In A Movie Because Of Her Personal Values

Have you ever wondered why when it is time for fighting in movies, there just act it and don't hit each other hard but when it is time for romance they go ahead and do it live? lol, i have wondered also but not all people accept this role and below is someone who has never done this act all through her acting career.

It has generally been believed that people especially females who act movies and engage especially in romantic scene are slut and are not decent but below is a Nollywood actress who has never kissed all through her acting career before.

She is currently 32 years of age and was born in the year 1988. Aside acting, she does things like writing and production. She is from Edo state and was born into the family of Desmond Kadiri.

According to her, kissing is not wrong during acting but it is just her salient values that she cannot go against. She normally declines any script that kissing is involved during acting.

This act has not stopped her from been at her best in all the movies she has acted as she won the best actress of the year in 2015 in the Nigerian entertainment awards. Analysis has also shown that she has engaged in quality movies that has depth

Some latest movies she has acted include, Too Old For Love, Tears Of The Rejected Seed The Dumb Wife and many other movies.

As at 2019, she is happily married and she is now known as Ruth Kadiri Ezerika and her marriage is happily blessed with one daughter. Her daughter's name is Reign Ezerika.

You might say it is unprofessional and does not mean but everyone is entitled to his or her belief and according to her, that is her own.

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