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Top 5 trending Korean series

This are top five Korean series that you are going to enjoy and love.

This information I put together is from me and some of my friends that watch Korean series, so I hope you love and enjoy it.

If you know more Korean series that are interesting please leave in the comments section below.

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1. The king: eternal monarch

This is a series that I find interesting and the story a boy that becomes a man and was saved when he almost died but now have the power to travel world and time as he finds love.

2. Goblin

This follow the story of a warrior that was cursed to live forever in search for love, for it is only the lover of the goblin that can end is eternity of pain.

3. What's wrong with secretary Kim

This story features love and comedy, it is story about young CEO of a company and the only woman who have taking care of him for nine year as his secretary is about to resign so he as he fight to keep her in company as he is falling in love with her.

4. Crash landing on you

Crash Landing on You tells the story of two star-crossed lovers, a South Korean Chaebol heiress, a member of the North Korean elite and a Captain in the North Korean Special Police Force.

5. Angle's last mission

This story is about an angle and a blind girl after all his year on earth he help a human out and as his punishment he became a human and is mission is to make the blind girl fall in love with him but that is more harder than it sounds.

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