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Zee World: Monday Update on Age is just a number

Age is just a number, Monday episode starts with Panday physically abusing Vaidika by hitting her with a hot rod. Her face had been covered in a cloth while hands and feet tied. Panday says he knows Vaidika must surely have called her lover.

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At home, Sahil calls Karan that this girl isnt Vaidika. He got a call from Vaidika and recognizes her voice well. He couldn't know because it was a private number. Karan says he would find out if we can do something about a private number or not. Sahil apologizes Karan for disturbing him in his newly married life. He then goes to find the truth about the fake Vaidika.

In the room, the imposter was irritated listening Vaidika's name whole day. She takes a drink from her wardrobe. Sahil had reached the door and knocks it. The imposter was half drunk and opens the door. Someone had dragged Sahil behind already. It was Yash who asks if Sahil has gone insane, he is about to break into a lady's room drunk. Sahil was determined to prove this girl is fake. Bari Amma comes to slap Sahil and clarifies that even if this is a fake Vaidika; he doesn't need to care and forget the real Vaidika. Sahil questions Bari Amma if this is her planning, because the day he finds out the face behind all this he swears he would kill that person.

In a dance bar, the imposter was being introduced as Chambelika. The crowd dance with her on 'Halkat Jawani". Deepak had come for the show. He was about to recognize the face of dancer yet when someone drags her outside. lt was a hooded man with s e covered. Chambeli says after his work is done she has to return here, she can't let them hire another dancer meanwhile. The man pays Chambeli a bundle of money. She was happy to get it and asks him about another task. The man hands her a paper. Chambeli was initially not ready to make up Aarya, but agrees out of monetary greed.

The man leaves. Aarya wasn't ready to accept that the imposter was her mother and argued with Nani. The imposter brings a small cake to the room and asks Aarya not to fight on this day at least. It's her father's birthday and they celebrate it each year by cutting cake at 12am. Aarya was touched and hugs her calling Mama. She hugs her. They head to cut the cake. Nidhi watched this from the window of the house. She decides to call Panday.

There in the lock up, Panday was beating Vaidika with a stick while her face was covered and hands and feet tied. The girls there pleaded Panday not to abuse her. Panday watches Nidhi calling him and decides not to take her call. In the room, Nidhi was confused and wonders what she must do find out if this is the real Vaidika or not. The imposter finds Sahil drunk in the corridor. She tries to get close to him. Sahil pushes her away saying this is the difference, Vaidika never touched him falsely. He walks away. The imposter was held into the room by Bari Amma. She clutches her neck and questions about her real identity. The imposter pushes her hand away and says only she and her son are doubtful of her now.

Bari Amma has no right to question her at all. Bari Amma was about to slap her, she holds her hand in mid-air. She argues that she only respects her because of her age. And Bari Amma doesn't need to interfere in her matters. Nani hear, if she knew he likes it. Shruti nods. Karan decides he would come home for lunch and they will enjoy it together. Shruti says she doesn't like capsicum, she was only cooking for him. Karan says she doesn't need to make extra efforts to keep him happy. He convince that Shruti must consider him the same friend she has known since childhood, he has to win the confidence Vaidika and Sahil showed in him. He holds Shrut's hand but she withdraws it saying she can no more trust anyone else now.

The next morning, Panday brings Gupta to show he girls to him. Vaidika hides the girls protectively behind herself. Panday receives a huge amount from Gupta. Vaidika gets hold of an iron rod nearby and warns to poke his eyes with the rod if someone moves on. Gupta asks her to leave him, who is he. He blames Panday for the insult and warns to get his business wiped off. Vaidika holds the rod towards Panday but he grabs Vaidika's arm twisting it behind. His boys join them. Vaidika shouts at Panday for being sh eless. Panday says it's order is to save the girls, she must fulfil their desires otherwise there is no shortage of clients in the city for these young, teenage girls.

Gauri was happy to meet Shruti and Karan. She takes Shruti inside while Karan goes to meet Sahil. Karan says there hasn't been any private call on his phone. He tries to convince Sahil that he might be drunk, and should accept that this is Vaidika. Sahil was furious over Karan and leaves. Nidhi comes to Karan and appreciates his efforts towards his wife. She warns if Karan tries to open up his mouth he would lose both his child and Shruti's companionship. Karan clutches her arm tightly.

The imposter was looking at photos of some hot guys. She wish to get a guy as hot as them. Yash comes to her room, he says Suomya is fine. She inquires if Yash has to say something. Yash says he thought a lot about her in the past month when she wasn't around, he really missed her. After Yash has left, the imposter thinks Vaidika wasa cunning lady. Karan comes to Vaidika's room and tries to speak to her. He notices she was clueless about what happened before their marriage. He tries to inquire if Nidhi said something to her. The imposter asks if Nidhi is teasing Shruti as well, what the problem with this girl is. Karan decides this can't be Vaidika, she doesn't know anything.

Karan comes to Sahil's room convinced that this is an imposter and not Vaidika. He suggests they must go to police and file a complaint met the driver who was with Vaidika; his wife's expressions showed she was hiding something. He decided to keep a close eye over his house. One day he spotted the driver visiting his house and grabbed his collar.

He and his wife told Sahil how he fled from the venue of accident and Vaidika was still alive then; he got money and a note for keeping his mouth shut. He tells Karan that he had to plan something to find the real culprit. One day he lay in the bar room where Chambeli was getting ready. He asks how he came here. She says he was badly drunk, she thought about bringing him here.

Sahil asked her for some help. Sahil showed her Vaidika's photo, promises her double the salary for becoming Vaidika Mathur and come and live at his house. Karan asks if Sahil got some clue. Sahil says he is sure the person would soon be trapped. Karan wonders if it's Nidhi, she knows Vaidika had listened to their conversation.

He decides he can't tell Sahil about it, else she will have to share the whole truth. In the car, Nidhi assures her mother that Karan won't open up to save the child. Her mother warns Nidhi that Vaidika has her secret, if there is 1% chance that this lady is Vaidika then Nidhi needs be cautious. Vaidika isn't opening up because Sahil doesn't trust her yet. It was night, Sahil was with Chambeli and hands her a huge bundle of money.

He tells her to bencautious, they have reached their goal. Chambeli offers him more pleasure than 42 years old, he can at least once smile for her name. Sahil says she does a good acting of Vaidika but can't be Vaidika. Chambeli wonders if someone can love a girl so intensely. Sahil leaves the room. Nidhi mixes something in a lemonade and sends it for Vaidika. She decides to play her game once that fake Vaidika has drunk this.

At home, Karan was upset how he must save his child. Shruti comes from behind with a gift Anjana sent for him. Karan discuss with Shruti that he is really confused; he is doing wrong with one to save another. Shruti says no one takes an advice from her, she doesn't know how to give one; she learnt from Vaidika. She always put herself in danger to save her. If Karan is on the side of weak, he is right. Karan thinks he is saving his kid and Shruti, he prays to God that Sahil can save Vaidika.

The next morning, Nidhi looks into Sahil's room Where the imposter lay with him in the bed. She appreciates her efforts, she made that imposter drunk and dragged her into ahil's bed. She calls the family upstairs in tears to see what's happening in the room. Everyone come upstairs. Sahil slept on his bed. Bari Amma scolds Nidhi for creating a pointless irama.

Sahil wakes up posing to be clueless. Nidhi looked around. Sahil recalls how he pushed that imposter into the wardrobe. Nidhi opens the wardrobes. She was about to remove the cloth piece off the imposter. Anjana stops her then and questions what kind of a wife she is, she wants a disgrace for her husband.

Prachi says it's not her mistake, she understands what's it's ike when a husband doesn't love his wife. When everyone has left, Sahil unlocks the wardrobe and asks the imposter who gave her the drugs. The imposter says she only had a lemonade last night and found herself over his bed.

Panday forced Vaidika to give bites into his mouth and pour hima drink, else he would call the clients for the youngsters. The imposter asks Sahil what he is looking into her room. Sahil says the one who sent her to his room must have left a clue. Outside, Nidhi discuss with her mother on call that the woman appears to be really cunning, her plan got flop.

The imposter finds a watch near the bed. Sahil says he knows who this belongs today.There, Nidhi says even if Sahil tries to find a proof they will reach somewhere else.Panday discuss with his men that they will not only trade off the girls but will also this Vaidika. Vaidika heard this and thinks she knew they can't trust Panday.

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