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Pretty Chika Who Makes Comfortable Furniture Attracts Potential Customers

Young skilled Igbo Nigerian girl

Making the rounds on social media platforms is an Igbo girl, simply known as Pretty Chika.

Pretty chika is a young woman who is into the skilled trade of furniture making. Her skill has been publicized via social media platforms and has gotten the attention of someone who needs her services after seeing the beautiful comfortable furniture she made.

Pictures of Chika at her workshop

Nigeria is blessed with lots of talented young people despite those who have chosen to go the wrong track for fast money.

Instead of selling her beauty as a runs girl for money, Chika took it upon herself to learn a unique skill that is rare to find women venture into.

Furniture making is seen as a men's thing. Not many girls can be interested or found learning this skill as most will go for the conventional skills attributed to women.

This article aims to find Chika, for a life-changing opportunity, anyone who knows her or has her contact can indicate through the Twitter link and post below.

Please We Need The Contact Of This Pretty Chika Who Makes Comfortable Furniture.

In Case You Know Her, Please Indicate, It's Urgent.

@Amaka_Ekwo Help Make It Go Viral.

Chika has sparked lots of reactions from Twitter users. Below are the reactions of we'll meaning nigerians on Twitter

I pray that this post would touch the hearts of the young ladies who mostly depend on men and their bodies to achieve their goals.

Please emulate pretty Chika by engaging yourself in a meaningful life by acquiring a skill. It's going to pay better for a long term.

Hopefully, someone is motivated by this article.

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