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Zee World: Between Prachi & Rhea In ‘Twist Of Fate’, Who’s The Prettiest Bollywood Actress? (Photos)

Twist of Fate is one of the best Indian movies which is currently being displayed in DSTV/GOTV Nigeria. However, this movie seems very interesting due to the story line. The actors and actress in the movie also contributed a lot in making the movie to be perfect. However, here in this article, we will take a look at the two Bollywood Actress that are featured in the second season of this movie.

Prachi and Rhea are the daughters of Pragya and Abhishek according to the movie. Prachi and Rhea are twins but by Twist of Fate, their family got separated then Abhi and Pragya shared the twins and move their separate ways. Abhi took Rhea While Pragya took Prachi. However, Abhi being a rich and famous rock star in the movie, she gave her daughter 7star upbringing. She treated her like a queen and spoil her with gifts. While Pragya struggles with life after being separated from his husband, she tried her best to give her daughter the best treat as well. Although these twins later clash at the college, their fate is yet to be known.

Here in this article, we will share the photos of these two pretty Bollywood Actress. These pictures are based on their outside life and not any movie cast. We can all take a look and call for our selves who’s the most beautiful actress.



Finally, After going through these pictures, even if you are not a Zee World lover, we will still appreciate to see your results at the comment section base on who you think looks more pretty.

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