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Do You Remember This Popular Show Back Then On All Nigerian Television Stations? Look At Them Now

Hopefully we all Remember this popular show Which Was Aired on all the popular Nigerian Television Stations, Yes Clinic MattersThe Funny Hospital Themed Show That kept Everyone Laughing yes as it's obvious to us all the show has ended way back in 2017, But I'll show you how those Actors look Now.

We All know The Main Actor Who goes by Doctor, Emaka Ossai

The professional doctor whose workers respect and fear as the Boss. 

He is always faced with challenges from special patients. He has a serious face Which is really funny to the viewers.

Secondly, There's Nurse Abigail Who was played by Amada Ebeye in the first Two Seasons Then Lilian Esoroin season three. We All know she's the rude, Arrogant and annoying one. This Nurse's mouth is Sharper than razor blades, She’s harsh and very good at eyeing anyone that crosses gets in her path. She uses body language very well.

Thirdly, Nurse Titi played By Nkechi Ihemelu

She's your normal every day Nurse, her character is in between that of the Nurse Abigail And Doctor She can be nice and can be harsh. She’s hard working and intelligent but gossips when it’s necessary with anyone who is interested.

On The Fourth Spot we've Got Nurse Theresa Played By Franca ogochuku

She's Extremely hard working, And she's the Nurse that loves to advice and counsel younger people on issues of Life She Also Fights Against Gender Discrimination.

Then We have Nurse Biliki Played By Mary Ogbonna

She's Our Average village girl whose respect for everyone is extreme. She kneels half way even when it’s not necessary. She's Extremely Scared of The Doctor so other nurses use it to their Advantage..

Lastly, Mr. Okafor Who is Famouly know As Fransis Odega

He Always Comes From Home When He's Discharged, He Likes To Talk About Women And Dosent Hide It, He Also Likes Nurse TiTi and wants only her to attend to him whenever he comes to the clinic. He is Really Funny and always Expresses Himself.

So Who Was Your Favourite Actor? And Which Episode Do You Love the Most?

Do Well To Share This To Your Friends So They Can Take A Trip Down Memory Lane.

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