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Things you need to do when you think all hope is lost

Gift Edward is the last child in the family, as she was told, her naming ceremony was nothing less than a family gathering, no drinks, no food.

During pregnancy, her mum fell victim of who she trusted and love so much and this made her spent extra days in the womb. They don't want her in the world...

During her university days, her father decided to take a new wife and he transferred all attention and love to her and her children. This really caused her a lot that she had to stop schooling as at that time.

She seek help from the head of the school, but Men will say "A" and act "B",This makes her to shift all my attention to God.

This season of her life, a lot of opportunities came her way that could provide the whole of her school fees in three days, but she was graced to understand that without God that touches the heart of men, no man is fit enough to help you.

All she could do then is to leave school to het father's house, then it occurred to her that "God doesn't even want me in that school as at that time" she said.

Things you need to do when you think all hope is lost

- When you're in the midst of tribulations or temptations, don't be carried away and forget where you came from and shift ur attention only on where you are going.

- What happened to you in the past isn't a barrier for your success. Do not sell yourself out to slavery

- Before anything or before you start any journey seek God first, let him direct you, so u won't end up giving up.

- When something is happening to you, do not think God isn't fair enough to you, instead, be sensitive to know what God is trying to show you.

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Gift Edward


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