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See pictures of the beautiful twins slaying as models on Instagram with 179k Followers

The gift of a child is the prayer of every married person, a woman who is married without a child yet would be in much pressure.

While some seeks for just one child to be OK others are blessed with two.

Whichever it is whether as a single child or as twins, it's every parents which for their children to be better and successful in all areas of life eve n when they are small.

Many parents have been so blessed with children who at their tender age are models to the society.

Such is the case of the mother of two beautiful unidentical twin sister’s, popularly known as ‘The Unidentical Duo’ on Instagram.

These two young damsel have caused a lot of reactions on Instagram having gather followers of about 179k.

These huge followers came as a result of their high fashion sense even as a kid they are also brand influencer for children clothings.

They are named Olianna and Olivia Daramola.

Below are beautiful pictures of the twins.

I know you are already wishing you could have kids that would start influencing their world. Don't worry yours would do better.

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Elektra Olianna Olivia Daramola The Unidentical Duo


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