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Check out the return date of Elseworlds : 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' & all shows in the Arrowverse

The Arrowverse has become the biggest superhero showcase on broadcasting network history. Here are the return dates of every show in the Arrowverse.

Elseworlds : Crisis on Infinite Earths (Part 4 & 5)

Return date : Jan 14th 2020

Kicking off with an arrow centric episode, our paragons (heroes) must work together to save reality, while dealing with new problems, like the mysterious disappearance of Barry Allen (The Flash)... But hope lies in the return of Oliver Queen, who has become something more (powerful). Also the origin story of the monitor and Anti Monitor are also revealed.

The final elseworld episode (a legends of tomorrow centric episode) would air on the same day. That's two episodes in one day. One immediately followed by the other.


Return date : Jan 19th 2020

Reeling from the Arrowverse crossover, Kara Zor El (Supergirl) and her team continue to uncover the leviathan conspiracy amidst the various inter-personal problems, that threaten their already 'delicate' relationships. 

Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) is set to make her directorial debut on a future episode... (Remember that J'onn (David Harewood) made his directorial debut on supergirl last year.)

Also, Will (Jeremy Jordan) would make a long awaited comeback for a three episode story arc in future episodes.


Return date : Jan 19th 2020

After the shocking murder of her step-mother (Catherine Kane) by the hands of her twin sister (Alice Kane), batwoman tries to focus on giving Kate Kane a 'life'; while the threat of Alice continues to hover over Gotham.

Black Lightning

Return date : Jan 20th 2020

Jefferson Pierce (Black lightning) continues to fight the infestation of the ASA and the Markhovian army in Freeland, but secrets within his family threaten to ruin them all.

The Flash

Return date : Feb 4th 2020

Taking a mid season break after the two episodes-mid-season-finale (The last temptation of Barry Allen Pt I & II), The Flash and his team of heroes will continue to fight the ever looming threat of evil come february.

Legends of Tomorrow

Return date : 21st Jan 2020

Reeling from the arrowverse crossover, Sara Lance (The White Canary) and her team of misfit heroes continue to safeguard reality.


Return date : 21st Jan 2020

After what has been era, Arrow draws ever near to its finale. Roll out the tissues, prepare for final goodbyes as Arrow hands over the mantle to his daughter – Mia Smoak, setting things up for the sequel : 'Green Arrow and the Canaries,' set to premier sometime in the future.

The final episode of Arrow airs on the 28th of January 2020.


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