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Nnenna from the Super Story series is now a mother of two beautiful girls.

Yinka Olukunga, popularly known as Nnenna, is a Nigerian actress, kiddies show producer and host. She is well known as Nnenna, a name she got for the role she played in the famous tv series Super Story, produced by Wale Adenuga Productions.

She was born in Lagos State, Nigeria and she studied Marketing at the University of Lagos. She got married in 2014, and gave birth to twin girls Olivia and Maia on September 18, 2015.

She started as a model, but later got into acting, and her first feature was on the Papa Ajasco and company show, before she appeared on the Super Story TV show, where she got the role of Nnenna for the Nnenna series.

Super Story Nnenna was based on the story of a young girl who was murdered by her father's friend and her spirit being restless, was looking for justice and also became entangled in love with a young man who had no idea of who she truly was.

She has since featured in other shows and majorly as the host of the famous kids show, Nnenna and friends, and she has said of her career: "Working with children makes me happy. I share a special bond with them and it brightens my day to see them smile". Olayinka Olukunga-Ademo, a wonderful actress and TV host, goes by the Instagram handle @olayinka_ross. 

Did you remember watching Super Story Nnenna series?

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