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Inspiring story of Kannywood’s shinning star, Amina ‘Amal’ Muhammad - And her photos

Inspiring story of Kannywood’s shinning star, Amina ‘Amal’ Muhammad

The story of how Canywood-born actress Canywood Amina Mohamed becomes a shining star in the Kano-based film industry will be a good film story. Amina's story is about a resilient young woman who has a dream and is determined to pursue and realize that dream. His story began many years ago in Cameroon, where he was born and grew up. There Amina, whose native language is Fulfulde, became a big fan of Kannywood films.

Amina, now known as Amina Amal, has announced that she will even skip meals to watch her favorite Kannywood films or series, especially films with her acting mentors like Adam. A. Zango and role models, including Hadiza Gabon and Fati Mohammed. The more he saw the film about Kannywood, the more he was inspired to play the role of a career. However, the real impulse came after the Hubi film "House", starring Adam

As she watched, Amina said she started playing the female lead role: "I played a role in my head while watching the film, and after the film ended, I told myself that I would become an actress and you must make everything human. "

But there will be obstacles because not much is happening in the Cameroon film industry. The only large industry he could show was the home-based film industry, also known as Canwood. And to join Kannywood, he had to go to Nigeria, a decision he could not make without the consent of his parents.

"I started thinking about how I could get my parents to support my plan. I first mentioned it to my mother and she said no and when I told my father she said no. I was lost and knew not what I had to do. I think the problem is with the many negative things they hear about actors and actresses who think it is for people who are inclined, but I managed to convince them that this is a noble profession and that I will not do anything to reduce its image.

"When they saw that this was the only thing that would make me happy, they agreed," he said. After the parents' agreement, the next big obstacle Amina later overcome was her inability to speak English and Hausa. The films at Kannywood are mostly at Hausa. To appear in it, you must be able to speak the language.

"I didn't talk to House. Even after I met Adam at Kaduna through someone who knew him, the first warning he made was that I didn't talk to House but to my hometown Fulfulde," he said, I needed an actress, but the fact that I not being able to talk to House will be a problem. So I promised him that I would learn to speak House and encourage myself. Adam, impressed by the fact that I had left Cameroon in Nigeria to begin an acting career, promised to give me a role in a film as soon as I could express myself in Hausa "he remembers.

Believe that Amina will not get in the way. Just like when he decided to travel to Nigeria, where he enrolled in a language center to improve his English speaking skills, he started a language course at Hausa and could speak in a few months. He said of the experience: "I asked Adam to study House for about five months, but I found that I could communicate within a few months after learning the language. When I met him later, he was impressed and gave me as promised, his first role in a film.

"Today is one of the happiest days of my life." Amina's first film appearance in city history was Amal with Adam, which was accepted. "I received the script almost six months before I was called to the set. I can never forget the feeling of the day I received the script. I read it over and over, practicing at home and was excited and easy." At some point we made films and it worked with well, because then people call me Amina Aval for the film's title, "he admires.

Described by close friends and colleagues as humble, respectful and hardworking, Amina witnessed the success of her debut film appearance, starring in a number of critically acclaimed Kannywood films, including Ramlat, Basaja Gidan Yari, Matan Aure, Hisabi, and Amal. what he described as his most memorable film journey. According to him: "This will certainly be the most memorable to me because it was my first as an actress in this industry. It gave me my nickname and attracted many other directors to me.

"I thank Adam and Abu Sarki, who I call my godparents in this industry and who treat me like their siblings. They don't disappoint me every time I ask for their help. They always support me and I pray that God will continue to bless them. "Hit star Abu Hassan, Amina's career goal is to continue playing the game at Kannywood." I want to be the best in what I do. I want to improve myself with every new job "I just want to be the best. Good and with God and good people like Adam and Abu, who he sent me my way, I know that I will not lose my target. "

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