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Do you believe in what Mark Zuckerberg says?

It’s painfully obvious that Mark Zuckerberg is some sort of… creepy robot hybrid person. His movements are not natural. His facial expressions, non-existent. He makes “Data” from Star Wars look like an overly emotional Latino man in comparison.

Do I believe a word he says? No. Zuckerberg has this whole “I could beat a lie detector without breaking a sweat” look down to a T. And on a more serious note, he is a billionaire businessman. And billionaire businessmen, as a rule, aren’t people I trust an awful lot. Certainly not the ones who run the largest social media site in the world, own both Facebook as well as Whatsapp and Instagram… and who, when it goes down for a few hours suddenly “lose a lot of data” and didn’t sell any of it others for a quick buck.

There are some ridiculous conspiracy theories out there that say the world is ruled by some sort of super-secret cabal of Reptillian overlords with nefarious goals…

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