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I Employed A House Maid To Take Care Of My Kids, This Is What I Saw Her Doing To Them (Fiction)

My name is Kevin, a proud father of three beautiful kids. I'm a busy business man and usually don't stay at home because of my busy schedule. I lost my beautiful wife months ago in a fatal motor accident and since then, it's been difficult for me coping with my kids. I then decided to employ a house maid to help do the house chores and assist in watching over the children when I'm away at work. I let my children know about my intentions of bringing in a house maid and they agreed to it. On a faithful day, I had to go for a five day business trip to Abuja which I let my children as well as the house maid know about my journey. After talking to my house maid to take care of my children and make sure they eat their food and sleep when it's proper, I set out for the journey.

I got to Abuja later that evening feeling very tired so I lodged in one of the hotels close to venue of the scheduled business meeting. The following day, I got a message that the meeting won't be holding anymore as the chairman won't be available. The meeting was postponed till further notice. I had nothing else doing in Abuja so I had to leave for home immediately. When I got home, the door was left open with the sitting room scattered and noise coming from one of the rooms. I quietly went into my room and dropped my luggage before tracing the room the noise was coming from. When I got there, I saw my maid fighting and beating my children and noticed bruises on the faces of two of my kids. I didn't even spend a full day away from home and my children got this from her. I felt bad and told the maid to pack her bags and leave my house immediately as I won't be able to tolerate such. I took my two kids who had bruises to a nearby clinic for them to be cleaned up.

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