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Meet Zoey Penny: The 11 Years Old Girl In An 80 Years Old Body

Zoey Aster Penny is a beautiful little girl born on the 20th of September, 2009 with a very rear deadly disease named Progeria, a syndrome that make kids with it age 10 times faster than normal. Zoey got diagnosed when she was just 5 and a half months old making her one of the youngest kids to ever be diagnosed. When she was diagnosed there was only about 100 cases known world wide although now there are about 200 cases known making the disease as rare as one in a million kids world wide.

There is no known cure for Progeria and kids with Progeria have a life span of thirteen years. Zoey is now 11 years and we all hope she lives to her eighteenth birthday, her couch says she has strong bones and is currently healthy but they shouldn't get their hopes up askids with Progeria tend develop old people's illnesses like hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and lots more.

She is currently fighting for a cure for herself and other kids with Progeria with her fundraiser called "Team Zoey". She has become an inspiration to kids with Progeria all over the world and a lot more other kids like her are now speaking up.

Zoey Penny is a loving and caring elementary school kid, one that loves life and lives life to the fullest. I hope she makes it.

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