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Remember Charlotte, Dawn And Martin From Nickelodeon? Who Is More Beautiful And Has More Swag.

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Today topic is about dawn, charlotte and Martin's, who is hotter and have more swag

1. Dawn

Dawn is one of the beautiful, hottest and attractive female actress in Nickelodeon. Dawn is an American teen actress known for her staring and famous role as Dawn Harper on the Nickelodeon television sitcom Nicky, Ricky, dicky and dawn. Dawn real name is Lizzy Anne Greene. Dawn is also one of the best actress in Nickelodeon. Dawn was conceived on 1 may 2003. Dawn starred in a Nickelodeon original movies tiny Christmas (along side with Riele downs). Dawn also cast in some Nickelodeon television series including the thunderman, knight squad and cousins for life.

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2. CJ Martin

Martin known as Isabella moner or Isabella mercedes is an American teen actress and singer. Martin is famous for her role as Cj martin on the Nickelodeon television series 100 things to do before high school. She was born on 10 of July 2001. Martin is one of the beautiful, hottest and cute Nickelodeon girls. Martin starred in the Nickelodeon original movies splitting Adam and legend of the hidden temple.

3. Charlotte

Charlotte is known as riele down she was born on 8 of July 2001. Riele down is an American and Canadian teen actress where she played the lead role as Charlotte page in the Nickelodeon TV series called henry danger. Riele is one of the beautiful hottest and attractive female teen actress in Nickelodeon. Charlotte has started in so many Nickelodeon series such as tiny Christmas, Henry danger, The adventure of kid danger, the best man holiday and ho ho holiday special.

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