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VIDEO: Moment Teni Was Spotted Scolding Her Dog For Being ‘Jobless’ And Always Eating Assorted Meals

Famous Nigerian DJ, brand influencer, singer and musician Teniola Apata, popularly known as Teni shared a video on her official instagram handle in which she was seen scolding her dog.


Photo credit: Instagram.

In the video, Teni was heard scolding her dog for being jobless and not being able to help financially. Teni also scolded Tiger, her dog for always eating assorted foods while it begged her for her plantain chips.

“You want to eat food in this house and you don't do anything. Focus I’m talking to you.

You don't do anything, you need to go outside, make money and at least help us in paying NEPA bills in this house. Only you eba, turkey, rice, sausage in one day, then you'll now be begging for plantain chips.” Teni said.

Eba, Turkey, Rice And Sausage:

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Photo credit: Pixabay.

“I'm talking to you and you are walking away. Don't beg me enough of this, I'm not doing this anymore, you need to be helping us in this house. You eat too much. Tiger we need to discuss, you are jobless, why can't you get a job. Tiger go get a job.” Teni concluded the video.

Watch the video below:


The humourous video received a lot of reactions from Teni’s fans on Instagram. However, standing out from the crowd was popular international Disc Jockey, and fellow dog owner DJ Cuppy who suggested that her ‘boys’ Funfun and Dudu link up with Teni’s dog.

“He should meet my boys @dudupoms,” DJ Cuppy said.

DJ Cuppy:

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