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Funny Savages You Would Come Across On the Internet today

English dictionary puts Savage as an attack on somebody fiercely or cruelly and to criticize somebody very severely. Twitter the social media platform houses individuals who tweets savage on a daily basis. 

These hilarious savages could light up a sad face and make you laugh away whatever might have brought you such face. Here we provide you with the best of savages you would see on the internet today

1. My brother help me ask if it is wrong.

2. First of all.....Introduction

3. Have been in this shoes my brother, it is the pure truth.

4. I am not a man of too much words but of the bible.

5. Did Jesus help you Fry it?

6. Tips on how to spend wisely 😂

7. I cannot stop laughing

8. It does not work like that please.

9. Please help me ask the question

10. Let him rest first my sister.

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English Savage


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