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2 Times Actors Got Knocked Out While Filming A Movie

Making a movie might seem like relatively harmless make-believe most of the time but sometimes those fake action scenes have painful consequences. Many actors have been bonked and sometimes bruised in the name of cinema quite as often.

1. Matt Damon Punched Tim Griffin (The Bourne Supremacy)

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The second cinematic outing of Jason Bourne, The Bourne Supremacy, everyone's favorite amnesiac CIA assassin has his peaceful life threatened by a conspiracy involving Russian documents which has something to do with the nefarious operation Treadstone. Bourne's covert adventure takes him to an airport in Naples where he allows himself to get spotted by security and taken into custody. During his interrogation, he overpowers CIA officer John Nevins to get his SIM card. As director Paul Greengrass explained in the film director's commentary, the execution of the fight scene didn't quite go as planned. Reportedly, Bourne star Matt Damon's fist actually came into contact with Tim Griffin the actor playing Nevins, accidentally knocking him out cold.

2. Van Damme Punched Bernard Mariano (Bloodsport Movie)

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Bloodsport movie is a delightfully flagrant excuse to showcase the actor's talents for taking and dishing out beatings. Van Damme plays Dux, a skilled fighter invited to participate in an illegal martial arts tournament in Hong Kong known as the Kumite. Determined to bring honor to his state-side father figure, Dux accepts the challenge and proceeds the long and bloody journey of beating up the best of the best. One of the best is Sadiq Hossein played by Bernard Mariano. During their brawl, Hossein refuses to stay down and lurches forward from his defeated position on the floor to challenge Dux for a second go-round. The script called for Dux to land a definitive punch to keep him down for good. Unfortunately for Mariano, Van Damme's elbow actually made contact with his jaw which made him blackout.

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