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Ultimate Love : Presh apply anger on David again, Vacates Love Nest for Chivia to avoid nomination

One of the hottest and most controversial couples on Ultimate Love reality show PreshDavid were at collision course for the second Friday running as things are really becoming too emotional in the Love Pad.

Just like last Friday when Presh and David had a heated argument during the rehearsal which led to Presh Talker telling David to go and die, same episode repeated itself on Friday morning with Precious shouting and asking David why he is so passionate?

David had to submit himself and beg the furious Presh as he repeatedly says "Sorry for being so passionate"

However, there is another development in the Love Pad as PreshDavid have left their VIP location for Chivia.

With the competition getting tougher and relationship becoming so toxic, PreshDavid have to strategies to use what they have to be in friendly terms with other couples.

After forming a decent alliance with Nkechi of Jaykech and Chris of DoubleChris, PreshDavid offered the Love Nest to Chivia in order limit the power of the faction of Bolar, Roksie and Chivia.

Recall that Jaykech, PreshDavid, DoubleChris, ObiEbi and Iykeresa had their male members present in a conspiracy meeting few days ago to discuss how they will all nominate Bolar, Roksie and Chivia.

Having Chivia on their side could secure another week for the well tactical PreshDavid as nominations could likely and only come from their long time rival Roksie and the unpredictable Bolar.

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