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30 Classy Birthday Picture Ideas For April Babies

As we enter into a new month, just like every other month, there are people with birthdays in the month of April. Ladies most times would love to do a photoshoot for their birthday celebrations. This photos can be posted by family, friends and well wishers on various social media platforms to wish you a happy birthday.

One thing you wouldn't want is having an awkward picture of you posted on your birthday to wish you a happy birthday. When planning a birthday photoshoot, there are many factors that determines the outcome of the shoot. These factors include: the photographer, your outfit, your pose, your makeup, lighting, and background.

While a huge part of this is dependent on the photographer (which is why you should use a good photographer), a huge part also depends on you.

Today, we're going to be bringing you carefully selected beautiful pictures of birthday celebrants. This should give you an idea of the kind of outfit you should wear, your pose, and your choice of makeup.

We're bringing you pictures of both indoor and outdoor shoot, so whichever one you're doing, you'd get an idea of how to go about it.

You can source for a good photographer around you by typing in your location on the search bar on Instagram, and including "photographers". For example, if I stay in Benin, I'll type in "Benin photographers"; you will see a list of photographers displayed from which you can make your choice from. You can also use hash tags e.g #beninphotographers.

I'm emphasizing on the photographer because all your personal efforts can go to waste if you get a bad photographer, or if your pictures are poorly edited.

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