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2 Years After Divorcing Jeff Bezos, The World Richest Man, Kenzie Marries A School Teacher

In this life, not all marriages can last forever, no matter how hard and badly the two people involve try to make it work. Some marriages are doomed to fail from the very beginning. That was the case of the CEO of the world famous technology company called Amazon, Jeff Bezos and his ex wife MacKenzie Scott, a 50 years old American novelist and philanthropist.

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Scott called it quits in their marriage in April 2019 after 26 long years of being together. The couple got married in the year 1993 and have one son together. As part of the divorce settlement, Mackenzie got a whooping 38 billion dollars, and become the 4th richest woman in the world, and the 20th richest person as well, according to Forces list of world richest people across all nations.

She moved out from Jeff Bezos mansion where she has been living with him for decades and started her new life in San Francisco, California, USA where she was born and brought up. She started donating a lot of money in millions and billions to charity organizations as the good philanthropist she was.

Her Ex husband, Jeff Bezos also moved on with his mistress and lover, who he reportedly cheated on Mackenzie with for many years, till she couldn't take it any more.

However, earlier today, shocking news emerged that Mackenzie has not only moved on with someone else, but she has also gotten married again. According to news reports from legit sources like CNN and BBC, Mackenzie fell in love with her son's school science teacher and they have been dating for almost a year. And now, she has tied the knot once again. See a picture of Mackenzie and her new husband below;

This news will surely come as a big shock to Bezos and his supporters, who once referred to Mackenzie as a greedy liar woman. Its no secret that their divorce was a big court case that went on for months, with Mackenzie demanding over 100billion dollars for her divorce settlement but she ended up settling for 38billion dollars Instead.

That's why a lot of people would be shocked to see that she married an ordinary high school science teacher who isn't 2% as rich as her ex husband, Jeff Bezos. What do you think about Mackenzie marrying a school teacher, even after all that money she has?

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