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Fiction: I Surprised My Wife With My Best Friend At The Hotel, But The Results Was Terrible

I surprised my wife with my best friend at the hotel, but the result is terrible!

History ~ fiction ~ couple life

My name is Serge and Vanessa is my sweetheart. I married my beautiful princess when I was 33 years old and she was 28 years old. It was a happy marriage decorated with a good warm and friendly atmosphere. We were blessed with two children, a girl and a boy.

I work as a virgile in a financial structure and my wife works as a teacher in a local high school. She was making a lot more money than me, but that didn't stop her from giving me the full respect I deserved, and that didn't diminish the love we had for each other. I felt blessed to have such a beautiful creature by my side.

However, since we were quite busy with our activities, we called a nanny (Nadège) to take care of our children, she was a cousin to my wife, I must admit she was very beautiful and also very kind and respectful.

then a month later, things started to look a little strange in the house, my wife was nervous all the time, her behavior had changed towards me, she often came home late at night without giving any explanation, I asked her why this behavior but she did not answer me and that bothered me I talked to my best friend, he promised to discuss with her question of fixing the situation, but a week later, the family atmosphere became more in addition unbearable, I did not understand anything any more, my life as a couple was on the verge of being broken.

One evening my daughter said to me: papa, papa! mom hit me ... I ask her why? And she said to me: because I said that Auntie Nadège is a witch! At the time, I told him no, we don't say that to grown-ups, don't do it again ok.

Then two weeks later, while I was coming home from work unexpectedly, I saw my best friend in the company of my wife it was strange, I decided to follow them secretly, they headed for a hotel of the place, while he is preparing to return, I disembark with rage, I shouted at my wife, my "best friend" has fled him probably because of shame .... but my wife answered me: so it hurts, you think i don't know that you are cheating on me with my cousin ...

I shouted: what! Me cheating on you, she told me: stop your comedy, I found her underwear in your closet, I also had a violent argument with her and she told me everything about your affair. And me your wife, you betrayed me in the worst way ...

- I replied: No! It's wrong, I can't do this to you, anything but that .. but my furious wife came home without hearing my answer. I could not have realized all that, my best friend wanted to take advantage of this scramble to betray me ?, I had a big heart, I took a long time to think about everything that was happening to my relationship, I was really desperate, so I made a simple prayer: GOD if you are real help me.

After which I returned home, once at home it was already 11 p.m., I went directly to Nadège's room without even knocking I opened the door with extreme rage and there it was the shock of my life, Nadège was sitting in the middle of the candles in front of a small canary, making incantations on the wedding photo of Vanessa and me! I screamed so much that my wife and even our children immediately woke up to join us,

At the sight of the scene, my wife couldn't believe it ... Nadège, all trembling, began to cry, discovery, she confessed: I love Uncle Serge and I wanted him to leave you for me, I Seduced him several times but he did not give in, so I went to see a great marabout to separate you, the latter told me to do his incantations every 11pm to midnight. My wife was overwhelmed, I could see the fear followed by anger on her face, she immediately realized her injustice towards me, that night we could not sleep. Besides very early in the morning we sent Nadège back to the village. But a month later we learned that she has gone mad!

As for Vanessa, my wife was ashamed, she let me know that she bitterly regrets her lack of confidence in me. I hesitated a lot but finally I gave him a second chance!

What will you do if it were you? Let me know yout opinion in the comment section and please share, thank you.

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