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People React Harshly As Lady Fries Puff-Puff For The First Time In Her Life (Photos)

When you go about sharing your life on social media, you will always have a reason to get reactions from people. These reactions can either be good or bad, it all depends on what you show to the world.

Trying out a new skill can be so hard and imperfect on first trails bit with constant trials and strong determination to make something great, you will end up making the best.

Earlier, a lady named Miracle made her first trials at making Puff-Puff and decided to share to the world for compliments and skill rating. What she got was far from it as all seemed not to like her Puff-Puff and would probably never buy them if she was selling.

However, miracle still shared the pictures of the Puff-Puff after she was done frying. It was not a good one even for a starter. It was all burnt and not attractive. She still went ahead to serve it with a cup of milk drink for herself and the trolls came for her badly.

Cooking is a skill that requires a lot of attention. It is not only learnt in school or by parents teaching. It can be learnt properly from digital platforms and friends.

The world has aged beyond where people do not know how to cook anymore. Now it is considered almost an abomination for a girl or boy, not to know how to do basic cookings with little or no supervision.

It is only advisable for Miracle to take the negative criticism from people in a way to doing good and make better Puff-Puff.

However, here are some of the reactions made by people on Twitter so far:


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Fries Miracle Puff-Puff


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