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Boyfriend Abandons His Girlfriend While They Where Chased By A Black Dog

A funny news hit the internet as pictures has been going viral of a man who abandoned his girlfriend after a black dog came out from an unknown destination to chase them. The man in question abandoned his girlfriend and ran for his love. The news was posted in Instagram account by a famous blog @ wisdom blogg. Click Link to see more photos:-

Well it is know and said both in novels and stories where the world believe a man should fight and protect the woman they know they love and care for while some in some cases give in there life for the sake of love and what they shared.

Well the girlfriend which was putting on a yellow clothing attire, which the boyfriend left in the mercy of the black dog. But on a serious note we can't blame the boyfriend totally, we have to understand the condition of the guy the and considering how the race started , the guy had to run.

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