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Why Most Female Singer's Look Perfect

Before reading this article, why don't you picture it in your mind some popular female singers, what do you see when it comes to the area of there physical look , are they perfect ? I think my own answer is Yes , then what about you.

I was inspired to write this article based on the video I watch on Project Nightfall Facebook Channel which titled Why Most Female Singer's Look Perfect.

This guy talk about the reason why female actress always look astonished.

Ariana Grande

Taylor Swift



The video show about a woman who intended to step up her singing career by going for an interview in an entertainment company hoping for the to signed her, according to the woman, she said all the people who heard the she composed gives her credit that the song was good but to her surprised she was rejected based on her physical look because she doesn't applied any make-up. Even before she played the song the interviewer have already cancelled out her name because she is not beautiful enough.

This is the problem women encountered when the wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

I hope that one day, things will turn be better when Music is Music.

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