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Characters confirmed to appear in the Marvel Avengers game.

The blockbuster game built for pc, PlayStation 4 and Xbox is going to be released soon. According to square enix the game developers, it was said that the game is going to be a third person game and the game allows you to customize your character skins and gadgets.

Before the release I decided to bring you characters you should be expecting from the blockbuster marvel game. Check it out.

11. Captain America (Steve Rodgers).

10. Black widow (Natasha Romanova)

9. Nick fury.

8. Ant man (Hank pym)

7. Task master (villian)

6. Modok (villian)

5. Bruce banner (hulk): The hulk is also present . Thanks to square enix, the smasher would be a great character in the game.

Alternate skins in the game for the hulk.

4. Thor (Thor Odinson): Thor the son of Odin would also be present as he would be a powerful figure in the gameplay.

Alternate skin.

3. Ms marvel (Kamala khan):

This is one of my favorite characters in the game. Kamala Khan has alot of unique and exquisite powers you would love to try out.

2. Abomination (villian): The villians from incredible hulk would also be present so you have a smasher from the villian team to put up with.

1. Iron Man (Tony Stark): As confirmed by square enix, the billionaire Playboy would be present in the game.

Check out the alternate skins for iron man

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