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I wish I never Dated my Boss (Fiction)

I wish I never Dated my Boss

Like every other person I work in the transportation department of our company - "Mary Beauty Product". I am averagely built and tall. I work very hard and my colleague respect me for that. I am also married with two kids.

My trouble began disguising as a blessing the day I got a recommendation letter through my department head from my MD inviting me to her office as she want to personally appreciate my good work. I was so happy to my hard work paid of!

Oh! I forgot to tell you about our boss her name is Chioma. All I know about her is that she is the daughter to the Mrs. Mary the founder of our Company. She is beautiful - I must confess. I don't know if she is married - I have never followed her home.

Back to the present! I was extremely impressed by the beauty of her office the interior decorator must have made a fortune from this decor. She briskly welcomed me and ask me to sit. I chose to stand instead - on a normal day I would have love to sit but there is something that is just not normal about today, I felt my hand shaking has she extends her to shake me - I jolted back to reality seeing the hand with something that seem like a shiver - She faked a smiled and shook me. I now know she probably has said a lot because her secretary was pointing at the door - time to leave.

To cut the long story short, one way or the other we became lovers. Boom! I think it was the way she seem caring that bought us today or was it the promotion that worked the magic? Leaving the questions aside you think I should be happy now right?

Chioma is a complete PSYCHO. She has ears everywhere. When I get close to any female colleague, I get questioned! she even went further to sack a fellow colleagues because she is my friend. The funniest thing is that I know this lady even before meeting my boss.

I am not going to take this anymore. I confronted her only for her to start weeping. I was astonished. What is wrong, I asked. She opened her mouth without remorse as if to tell me she was teasing me all for her to say "I am Pregnant For you Marry me" My body went numb, my heart stopped for nanoseconds. Her voice echoed in my mind. I was way between a living body and departed Soul. Suddenly Everything now sound new. I walked out in shock.

Please what should I do. I still have a wife and two kids at home. I can't have a child with this psycho. Please I need your advice

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