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Check Out “Owo Blow", a Yoruba Drama That Officially Introduced Femi Adebayo In Nollywood In 1996

Femi Adebayo has been in Nollywood movie industry for some years now, let's take a look at the movie which officially introduced him in the movie industry after playing a lead role.

Owo Blow was produced and directed by a reputable film producer, Tade Ogidan in 1995/1996.

The film was an award winning movie which starred the introduction of Femi Adebayo, Rachael Oniga and Bimbo Akintola in the Nollywood film industry.

Owo Blow was a drama which featured the hardship that occurred to a family. The head of this family was arrested because he interfered in the harsh treatment on the traders of a market by the State task force.

The family of the man who was arrested for intervening in the market incident began to experience hardship which led one of his children, Wole to drop out of school because he was unable to pay school fees.

Wole started working to earn little money by washing clothes in order to take care of his mother and his younger siblings. Unfortunately, he lost the job and then he started doing some bad things to survive. As time goes, he joined bad group that do Illegal things like robbery to survive and he later became their leader.

His sister, Mope got impregnated while working as a prostitute to cater for the family. She died while trying to terminate the pregnancy.

As Wole grew older in the illegal business, he decided to leave the job and live a normal life. He abandoned robbery and settled down, he even furthered his education and became a better person and he married.

Meanwhile, he still had to pay for his past sins that he has committed.

The person who acted as "Wole" in Owo Blow was Femi Adebayo. His role as an adult was later played by Taiwo Hassan.

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