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Secrets to Stealing Your Spouse’s Heart

A man cannot operate a machine in respect of which he has no knowledge. Similarly, you cannot have cordial relationship with your spouse if you do not have good knowledge of him/her. During courtship, singles should strive to acquire a reasonable knowledge of their proposed husband or wife. It is a great mistake to marry somebody you do not know very well. Nowadays, people undertake online courtship. This is the reasons many marriages are having problems as soon as they take off. Many couples that got divorced because of irreconcilable differences could have remained together if they took time to study themselves during courtship. They could have known that they are not compatible with each other. Even now that you are married; you must take time to study your spouse and this must continue as long as both of you live.

The areas you need to check in respect of your knowledge about your spouse are:

1.     Do you know your spouse’s DOs and DON’Ts? Knowing your spouse's dos and don’ts will help you to relate well with him/her without unnecessary friction. If you avoid your spouse’s “DON’Ts” and indulge yourself more in his/her “DOs”, you will make him/her happy and fulfilled. This is the secret to stealing the heart of your spouse. Give it a trial and you will enjoy your marriage.

2.     Do you know what can put your spouse on or off? Anytime you put your spouse off, his/her love for you reduces by certain percentage depending on the deepness of the hurt. Knowing what can put your spouse off and avoiding them will strengthen your relationship. On the other hand, knowing what can put your spouse on and doing them will make your marriage exciting, romantic and blissful.

3.     Do you know the time your spouse’s mood change? Are you observant enough to know when your spouse is having an inner crisis? Your ability to read your spouse's mood will help you to take prompt action that will bring him/her back to his/her normal mood before he/she drifts too far into more confusion. Being in a bad mood over a long time can lead to violence and at the extreme it can cause murder and/or suicide.

4.     How much do you know about your spouse’s sexual life, spiritual life and social life? Knowing your spouse's sexual life will help you to adjust to his or her level. Knowing your spouse's spiritual life will help you to support him/her in whatever spiritual assignment he/she is undertaking. Knowing your spouse's social life will help you to accommodate him/her vis-à-vis his/her social activities. It will also help you to advise him/her on the areas where change may be necessary.

5.     Do you know your spouse’s life dream? You need to know your spouse's life’s aspiration and support him/her in achieving his/her dream. No sacrifice is too much to make in support of your spouse’s vision. It always pays off when your marriage prospers and blisses beyond your imagination as he/she will be energised to be successful and fulfilled.

6.     Do you know what your spouse’s hobbies are? You should love what your spouse loves doing and allow him/her to do it. You can even share it with him/her. This will make him/her happy and comfortable.

7.     Do you know how your spouse wants you to treat his/her relations and your children? If you don't treat your children and the relations of your spouse the way he/she likes, he/she will not be happy with you. This may in turn cause hostility and aggression in the marriage.

8.     Do you know what your spouse wants you to remember him/her for? When you know what your spouse wants to be remembered for, you will be well equipped to carry out his/her vision after he/she has gone.

9.     Do you know important dates in your spouse’s life (birthday, wedding day, birthdays of children etc.)? Knowing these important dates shows that you have interest in your spouse and your family. This will excite him/her and assure him/her of your interest in him/her. This goes a long way to make the marriage peaceful.  

10. Do you know how your spouse will react to certain issues (your mistakes, your sickness, setback in the family etc.)? Knowing these will help you to do what can make your spouse to be happy always. It will also help you to know the level of commitment of your spouse to the continuity of your marriage.

11. Do you know what your spouse desires from you? If you know what your spouse desires from you, you should sacrifice everything you can to satisfy him/her in line with your marriage vow.


Content created and supplied by: ayodelethecounsellor (via Opera News )


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